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Building or installing a water feature in your backyard will enhance the beauty of your landscape. It will also add thousands of dollars of value to your home. Like adding a unique china hut to the empty space by your dining room table can add to the aesthetic beauty of your dining room, so too can adding a water feature to your front or backyard make your space look nicer and more unique. Read on to learn more about what water features are, and what to look for when hiring a company like Bright Green Landscaping to install and design one for you.

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What are water features?

Water features are pools, ponds, streams, or other water decorations. They are often installed in the backyard of a house, in front of a building, in a park to enhance the beauty of the landscape. Water features add to the beauty of any location, giving it a natural and soothing appeal. While there are some DIY options available, and great resources on how to do it, having a professional landscape company to design and install one for you may be beneficial. Landscape professionals are trained to assess the technical aspects of installation. Having a professional do it ensures that the job is done correctly and looks great. If you are interested in getting a water feature installed, but don’t know what type to get, read on to discover they many types of water features available.

The Many Types of Beautiful Water Features

In the world of artistic landscape architecture, water features can be as enchanting as a marble water wells, or as complex as small ponds with colorful goldfish and a bubbling fountain streaming into it. Some of the most popular types include ponds, pools, fountains, waterfalls, streams, ornamental pools, and water gardens. One of the most creative and fun tasks involving water feature installation is developing a landscape that combines two or more water structures together. With the help of a professional landscape company you and our team could truly create something magical. Water features have been around since before 18th century. Traditionally water features ran on gravity, but these days, they are using powered by electricity or solar energy.

Water Feature Installation

Water feature installation is complex, so it is often wise to hire a professional landscape architecture company to design and install it. When hiring a landscaping company to do your own water features, ensure the company understands your unique needs and demands. Moana Nursery in Reno Nevada is one of those exceptional companies. If you have a design aspect or something else already in mind, make it clear to them exactly what that is.

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Here are some beautiful examples of backyard water features

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