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Reno Nevadans are turning on their sprinkler systems and watering their grass for the first time this year. Landscaping services in Reno are booming. It is finally warm enough to get that brown, patchy lawn back to a beautiful vibrant green. Unfortunately, however; many locals are turning on their sprinkler systems to discover issues. Many are finding visible leaks in their water pipes. Others don’t even notice them until they get their water bill. What do you do when YOU find out your sprinkler system needs repair? What is a good sprinkler repair company in Reno, Nevada?

Sprinkler spraying on healthy green grass

What do you do when YOU find out your sprinkler system needs repair?

Getting your sprinklers repaired might not seem like something even really worth doing. Our winters are freezing, their icy wrath leaving our lawns brown and dead. Our summers are harsh. They are too hot, too dry. What, then, should one do if he or she comes out to turn on the sprinkler system to discover it needs repair? Wait until the winter months to get a better deal?

For many, giving up on the lawn might seem like the more attractive option. However, this may not be the best option. There are many good reasons why having a nice, perfectly watered lawn is important. In fact, having a great sprinkler system in place can be beneficial. Here are some reasons why getting your sprinkler repaired may be a good idea.

Why Hiring a Reno Sprinkler Repair Company like Dr Sprinkler Can Save You Time and Money

While you may not want to fork over that additional cash right away, getting a Reno sprinkler repair company like Dr Sprinkler to take a look at your sprinkler system may actually save you time and money. This is true for a couple reasons. First, by not waiting to repair your sprinklers, you can save money. This is true because you can prevent causing more damage to your sprinkler system, pipes, etc. Water pressure can open up cracked pipes. This may cause the need to replace them entirely, instead of just repairing them. Second, by repairing your sprinklers now you can avoid wasting time. The time you'll save by skipping trying fix water damage that results from a broken water line or sprinkler head is worth the quick repair in itself.

Not only can repairing your sprinklers save you time and money, but it can also make your yard look great. Getting your sprinklers repaired now will help grow our grass. This is true because it is easier to grow a thick layer of grass before the summer comes, because in some cases, the heat from the northern Nevada desert sun evaporates water faster than the grass and plants can absorb it.

Another good reason why getting sprinkler repair now is a good idea is having a nice lawn makes you and your house stand out in the neighborhood. Have you ever drove by perfectly keep, green yard, and thought, “Wow, I wish my yard could looked like that.” If so, you are not alone. Hank Hill author of King of the Hill, 1997 wrote: "Some people hoist a flag to show they love their country. Well, my lawn is my flag. It tells the world: Here lives a competent and trustworthy salesman of propane and propane accessories. A man who can’t keep up a lawn is either inept or stupid." Most people feel like that. Standing out, whether one wants to admit it, is makes us feel good.

The great news about needing your sprinkler repaired in Reno is that there are a lot of great local companies that do it. Dr Sprinkler Reno NV is one of the best.

Dr. Sprinkler Reno NV

"At Sprinkler Master, our number one focus is on sprinkler repair, so we’re good at what we do. If you have any kind of sprinkler issue, we can fix it, guaranteed. Our technicians are guaranteed to be friendly, well-qualified, and helpful" (Dr Sprinkler Reno NV). That they are. I had a neighbor who got sprinkler installation from them and she was very happy with their service.

Dr Sprinkler Reno offers many services. They repair sprinkler nozzles, replace, reset or install sprinkler heads, raise sprinkler heads, replace solenoid valves that crack due to old age, or pressure, replace broken control timers, repair broken, leaking or cracked waterlines, install rain and moisture sensors, install sprinkler valve boxes, and much, much more! And chances are they serve your location. Dr. Sprinkler Reno serves Sparks, May-berry Highland Park, Raleigh Heights, Reno and Verdi-Mogul, and many valleys: Sun Valley, Golden Valley, Hidden Valley, North Valleys. Call them today at (775) 387-0519.

Choosing a good Reno sprinkler repair company isn’t always easy, but I hope I made it easier. I recommended Dr Sprinkler Reno because they do a great job, and their prices are very reasonable. Other Reno sprinkler repair companies do exist, however; I can not vouch for any of them. I do know Dr Sprinkler is great though.

So if you are trying to decide whether getting a Reno sprinkler repair company out to your house immediately is important, I say that it is. Getting your sprinkler repaired now instead of waiting can save you time and money. It can save time by allowing you to not have to fix water damage. Water damage may result from a water line or sprinkler head busting. It can save you money by preventing additional damage to your sprinkler system, pipes, etc. This damage can result when the water pressure opens up cracked pipes. So choose wisely and choose well.


Doing Your Own Sprinkler Repair

Hiring a Reno sprinkler repair company IS a more convenient option, but there are also many quick repairs that you can do yourself. One quick, easy repair is broken sprinkler head repair. Here is a short video on how to do that.

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