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What do you think of when you think of outdoor lighting? When hiring a professional landscaper to install outdoor lights, what should one look for? What type of outdoor lighting options are available, and are there any disadvantages to doing it yourself? In this article on Reno outdoor lighting, I answer all these questions and more. Continue reading to find out the answers!

Front yard of a huge house illuminated by outdoor lighting

What Comes to Mind When You Think of Outdoor Lighting?

When you think of outdoor lighting, do you imagine beautiful, ocean-side restaurants with breathtaking fairy lights beaming into the ocean or multi-colored Christmas lights blinking around a widow frame? I used to. But now, because I’m a landscaper, when I think of outdoor lighting, I think of a beautifully glowing backyard or garden. Lighting your front or backyard is a perfect way to gear up for summer barbecues, and impress your neighbors with the beauty outdoor lighting offers.

When Hiring a Landscaper to Light Up Your Backyard

Be sure to select someone that is creative. If you are decorating for an event, for example, you might want to hear suggestions from the landscapers like: "I’m thinking fairy lights covering a canopy would look good out here with globe lights suspended from wires, and dim lights carving a pathway."

Other than installing the lighting yourself, another popular option is to have a professional landscaping service like ourselves, design it for you. What we’ll do is come in, take a look around, and give you some good ideas from a professional perspective. Then you can implement the design yourself. This is a good way to save some additional dollars.

Many types of outdoor lighting exist. Some of the most popular include:

  • Lanterns
  • Hanging lights
  • Wall Lights
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Deck and Step Lights
  • Outdoor ceiling lights

Choosing and Designing the Best Lighting for Your Needs

When choosing a type of lighting, there a few things we generally do. First, we’ll take a walk around the area you’d like lit up and take some general notes on the ideas the space conjures in our minds. Then, after having a general idea of what would glitter with beauty, we’ll put our heads together to decide what type of light would be best. Other considerations might include the color of the light, how it's posted, and how many we need and where.

Another common reason people need outdoor lighting is for security. Having a well-lit front and backyard discourages potential robberies and vandalism. Often, if your desire is for security, your best option is to get motion sensitive lighting. Motion sensitive lighting saves electricity by only turning on when motion triggers it, and wards criminals away at its activation.

Lighting up the Outdoors Yourself

Should you prefer to do the lighting yourself instead of a landscaping company such as Advanced Lawn or ourselves, the first thing I would recommend is to talk to a professional behind the counter at a Reno lighting store. To find a Reno lighting store in google, try searching cabinet & lighting, Lamps Plus Reno, D Lamp Doctor Reno NV, or lamp stores near me. Doing so should turn up a great list for lightening stores in our area. One great store I know of off the top of my head is Statewide Lighting and Accents.

There are disadvantages to the DIY outdoor lighting option however. Sometimes the work you need is safer to have a professional do it. For example, installing lights safely requires electrical knowledge. Wiring the lights correctly is essential to avoid power surges and fires. Ensuring that your lights can withstand rain and snow is also important.

So if you are inexperienced with outdoor light installation and need a professional to come to your house to brighten up your night, use the form below to get a free quote today!

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