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What is thatch? Why is it bad? How can we prevent it? And what can we do about it once we have it? In this article on thatching and dethatching I answer all these questions and more. I suggest that thatch is thick layer of dead organic plant material that lays on the top of soil. This layer prevents water and nutrients from passing through the soil to get to the roots. I then recommend having a company like Bright Green Landscaping come out to dethatch it for you. Read on to learn more details!

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What Is Thatch?

Thatch is a layer of dead plant matter (usually composed of grass roots and stems) that lies between the grass blades and soil.

While having a little thatch is healthy for your lawn, having too much thatch on your soil is an issue. Too much thatch can dry out your plant roots and cause damage to them. Also, because thatch prevents water from seeping into the soil, plant and grass roots begin to rot. That is why it is completely necessary to take the proper precautions to avoid having too much thatch covering your soil (Exceptional Lawn).

How to Prevent Thatch Build Up

Preventing the buildup of thatch in Reno, NV is important. Make sure that you test the soil often, and check the soil pH as well. If the pH values are low, you may want to apply some lime to the turf, as this will help raise the soil pH levels. Performing core aeration will work as well. Hiring a landscaping company that provides thatching services, of course, will be easiest.

Dethatching is also often called thatching. Thatching is the process of removing dead stems and roots from the surface of the soil. This dead layer of plant matter is usually found in between the native soil and the grass base. Leaving a little thatch is good. Removing any more than half an inch of thickness is recommended.

How to Dethatch

To do dethatching, you probably don’t want to get on your hands and knees and remove thatch up with your fingers. Often the best way to reverse the negative effects of thatching is to perform aeration. What aeration will do is put holes into surface, allowing air and nutrients to seep into the soil that was blocked by thatch.

So thatching is very beneficial. It will keep your lawn healthy. Have a landscaping company dethatch your lawn or garden today. Click here to get a free quote!

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