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Bright Green Landscaping is for businesses and homeowners who are reluctant to allow high risk individuals on to their property for landscaping services. Our extensive, expensive background checking, coupled with our publicly published online employee database, provides a worry-free solution to ensuring that the team that landscapes YOUR property, is a team that YOU can trust.

We serve most of northern Nevada including, (but not limited to,) Reno Nevada, Sparks Nevada, Sun Valley Nevada, and Stead.

Sprinkler turn on and turn off

For this specific task, we connect you with a verifiable landscaping service specialists that is certified in irrigation. They do just about any job related to sprinkler replacement and maintenance well. They can replace or repair your sprinkler heads and drip emitters, fix your valves, or even the digital or manual clocks that operate them. The reason why having a great sprinkler system, a reliable one that turns on and off, and at the optimal times, is important is because a nice lawn helps the neighborhood look nice, and trust me, your neighbors WILL appreciate it. Also, having your sprinkler system turn on and off at the right times for the right season conserves water, saving YOU money and ensuring that our Reno / Sparks community has plenty of water.

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Mowing, trimming, blowing, etc.

Second, we also mow, trim, edge, and blow commercial and residential land. While it is actually pretty easy to mow your own lawn correctly, doing so just may take more time than you care to spare. We will add hours into your week by mowing your lawn for you. Just ask any client we have ever worked with about how good our landscaping services are. We get great reviews from satisfied customers who say they love our work and love our prices. Not only do they mow, trim, etc., they also do fertilization, pull weeds, plant gardens, remove trees and tree stubs and much, much more!

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Soil aeration

Third, we do soil aeration, (if you have no idea what that means, don’t worry. I’ll explain it now.) Turf aeration is the process by which one inserts small holes into the soil to allow air to circulate through it. Turf aeration is important because it allows oxygen to flow through your soil, and that supports plant life. So if you have a yard with fresh soil and you keep throwing grass seeds on it and it is not growing, then your soil may need aeration. We will revive your lawn by preforming aeration and other landscaping services to it.

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Landscape Paving

Fourth, we also do landscape paving. Very good at what we do, we are a team of landscaping service experts. We design and build patios, walkways, gardens, driveways, and retaining wall. Plus we do much, much more! A particular type of paving called pavers is a better alternative to concrete because it will last longer. Concrete eventually cracks due to freezing and expansion, but pavers does not. Pavers is also repairable. Concrete is not.

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Water feature install and repair

Fifth, we also do a bunch of different water features. We design, install or repair them. Often combined with other landscaping services, water features are land structures that have to do with water. They include waterfalls, ponds, fountains, etc. If it has to do with landscaping and water, you name it; We do it.

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Thatching and de-thatching

Sixth, we also do thatching and de-thatching. A thatch is a thin layer of organic material, often a thin layer of grass clippings, which is spread out evenly over an area intended to grow plants. To ensure your lawn grows well, for instance, thatch is spread out over the fresh soil and grass seeds.

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Lawn and Patio Lighting

Seventh, we install lighting. Although when you think of landscaping services lighting may not come to mind, lighting is a very important landscaping feature. Among our most popular of services, installing low-energy lights to brighten up your driveway, patio, or lawn may be just right for you. Our experts are trained incredibly well in electricity wiring and rewiring to withstand the season’s temperature changes, and elements. Whether you want your patio lighted or an outdoor Jacuzzi lit up, we’ve got you covered.

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Drip System install and Repair

Eighth, we also install and repair drip systems. Drip systems are important for your lawn because they ensure that you that your plants and grass are watered daily and continue looking green and healthy. By diverting water to the most needed area of your soil, you will not need to worry about pulling as much weeds and other landscaping services. Drip systems take care of all that for you. For a more complete list of irrigation services visit All Seasons Lawn and Landscaping.

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Fall clean up

Ninth, we also do fall leaf clean up. In this landscaping service, we remove the pesky leafs that fall from the trees and plants in your yard as the fall season rolls around. As the temperature change in the fall season causes the plants to change colors and drop their leaves and buds, fall clean up becomes a necessary part of maintain a clean looking yard and neighborhood. What we will do for YOU is come into your yard or land and rake and dispose of the fall plant matter that has littered your yard. We will also manicure your plants and blow away any plant matter that cannot be raked up. We will then haul away all of the plant matter so that you won’t have to. This service also eliminates the buildup of pests that invade your yard and crawl through your rotting leaves eventually finding a way in your house.

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Tree and garden pruning

Tenth, we also do pruning. Pruning is the process training your plants to grow in a favorable way. It maintains a plants health. Also, pruning improves the yield and quality of its fruit, buds, or flowers. Finally, it restricts growth where needed. We prune flowers, trees, and other common landscape plants. For more information about what pruning is and why it is important visit Earth-Kind® Landscaping.

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Snow plowing and removal

Eleventh, we also do snow plowing and removal. We will remove any snow or plow any street, yard, etc. to ensure vehicle roads, and pedestrian walkways are safe to travel on. We will remove snow from walkways, salt the proper paths to ensure less snow build up for the immediate future, and plow the street or driveway that you need snow removed from.

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Landscaping service consultation

Twelfth, we also do landscaping service consultation. Our expert team of qualified landscapers will advise you on how to best design your land to match your needs and wants. Our specialists will ask you all the right questions to get you thinking about your landscape in a way that matters most. And we will also advise on what supplies and tools you will need, should you wish to do it yourself.

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Tree trimming

Thirteenth, we also do tree trimming. Whether you’d like to remove that old, hunching tree from the front of your yard, or need to trim a few branches off to ensure they don’t fall on your house or car, we got you covered. We do the laborious landscaping services so you don't have to do the heavy work yourself.

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Deck Installation

Fourteenth, we also do deck installation. Desk installation is a tricky build. It is not always something that your average landscaping service offers. That’s why if you need a new patio installed, it may be best to call us. We specialize in hardscaping work as well as landscaping services.

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Fifteenth, we also do sodding. Laying sod effectively is very important. It is essential that you start with good soil. Properly prepping the right soil in an effective way is important because your lawn will need less maintenance, will need less water, chemicals, and fertilizer, and will keep your grass or flowers looking spiffy. The correct way to sod is to after laying it properly to test the pH of the soil to ensure that the soil promotes plant growth.

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Mulch Delivery and Installation

Sixteenth, we also deliver and install Mulch. Mulch is a simple and affordable way to make your property look beautiful. Bark Mulch also protects plant roots, gives nutrients to them, and keeps them moist during Northern Nevada’s dry seasons. Most landscaping service experts, including myself, recommend that that you apply Mulch once a year to keep your yard looking great and your grass and other plants healthy.

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Flower bed planting design

Seventeeth, we also do flower bed planting design and installation. Our trained landscaping experts that know exactly what plants and colors go well with each other and are skilled horticulturist. We know what plants grow well in the sun and what plants grow well in the shade. Using this information, our landscaping service professionals will ensure that we maximize growth and minimize your spending.

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Rototilling and gardening

Eighteenth, we do rototilling and gardening. We use a commercial grade rototiller to get the job done. A rototiller is basically a gas-powered digging machine. It flips the soil over and breaks up the dirt and soil for easy planting. Rototilling has many advantages. It can reduce the number of insects that come into your flower garden. The grinding action of the machine actually kills existing insects and their eggs. What’s more, by loosening the dirt, rototilling allows gardeners and landscapers to add compost and soil enhancers by mixing them thoroughly into the ground. We also do landscape curbing.

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Lawn care

Nineteenth, we also do weekly lawn care. A beautiful lawn makes your landscape look great. Its also makes your house stand out in the neighborhood. Having a well-kept lawn says a lot about the owner of that lawn. That is why hiring a professional landscaping service provider to manicure your lawn, rather than to just do it yourself, may be a better option. Professional landscaping service providers know how to keep your lawn short and nicely trimmed. They also know how to keep it vibrant green and healthy. We ensure that aeration, thatch, and insects are just right to help your lawn – not hurt it.

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Lawn repair and renovation

Finally, we even do lawn repair and renovation. One of the cold hard facts of life is that lawns get dead spots. Lawns that are supposed to be a beautiful vibrant green wonder landscape. They are supposed to have healthy, luscious grass blades. After a while, however; grass begins to look brown and worn out. One of the best ways to transform that brown, dying yard is to over seed it. By over seeding it you seed it more than usual – while being careful to not over seed it to the amount that is unhealthy for it.

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So hire us as your trained landscaping service provider today, and help us make Reno, NV and its surrounding areas beautiful again!

If you are wondering whether we do a particular landscaping service that you didn’t see in the list of services we offer above, then please feel free to contact us and ask us. Being in the in the landscaping profession for over 40 years, there probably isn’t a thing you could ask us related to landscaping that we already don’t know how to do. We are here to serve you Reno, Sparks and beyond! Just fill out the form now for a free landscaping quote today!

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