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Yard Maintenance

  • yard care
  • snow removal
  • pond maintenance
  • mowing
  • fertilization
  • weed removal
  • pruning
  • fall leaf clean up
  • spring manicure
  • exterior house painting
  • and more...

Land Repair

  • sprinkler repair
  • grass fertilization
  • garden rejuvenation
  • fence repair
  • pond repair
  • landscaping repair consultation
  • and more!...

Land Alteration

  • stump removal
  • sprinkler installation
  • driveway design
  • tree planting
  • flower and garden planting
  • pond installation
  • decorative rock & bark installation
  • waterfall installation
  • fence installation
  • and more...

Landscaping Reno, Sparks, Tahoe and Beyond

Well groomed lawn and a pawn overlooking the valley

Here at Bright Green Landscaping, we want to make sure that you enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the outdoors around you. That is why whether you are a business or a homeowner, we got you covered. We are a solid team of professional experts that connect our clients with landscaping businesses that have been landscaping Reno for over 20 years. These businesses know exactly what needs to be done when you have work for them, and they know exactly how to do it for the cheapest price possible. And our free quotes are one-hundred percent free to you! That is why are the leader in connecting clients with professional landscaping services in Reno / Sparks and plan to continue to be for the next 100 years.

As our team and clients continually grow, so does our passion and expertise in landscaping Reno. Kyle Cassaday, the lead staff member at Bright Green Landscaping, has been following the landscaping business for over a decade. He started Bright Green Landscaping to provide great landscaping services to Reno / Sparks and beyond.

"I've always wanted to start my own landscaping business," says Kyle, age 29 at the time. "But I never dreamed that this business would take off to such a high level as it did." What Kyle is referring to is the very high volume of Reno / Sparks clients that Bright Green Landscaping satisfying by connecting them to local landscaping businesses. And we continue to be a wrecking force.

Reno, Sparks and Tahoe, Thank You for Making Us the Most Successful Landscaping Business Connection In the Area!

The reason why we have become so desired in the Reno/Sparks community is because we provide honest work. We give our clients exactly what they ask for, and often even do small, but important work for free. Our clients recognize this and they know that they can trust us, and that trust is very important, especially in the landscaping business in Northern Nevada. We had clients tell us some of the most horrendous horror stories involving other Reno landscapers. Some charged our clients too much. Some were caught trying to steal something off our client’s balcony. It’s dizzying to hear these terrible stories when these landscaping businesses serve the city you live in! It’s a scary world out there for a clients who need a good landscaper in Reno, NV.

Not only do we pride ourselves on our impeccable honesty, and integrity, we also are good at what we do. I think one of the greatest keys to our success is the incredible structure we have on our management team. Before any job is initiated, it goes to our senior expert Kyle Cassaday. Kyle looks at the task at hand, determines what exactly needs to be done, and then matches exactly what the client wants done with the appropriate landscaping business. The landscaping business then determines what kind of supplies they will need and then calculates the cost of labor and supplies to be sure to give the client an excellent price quote.

That’s where I think a lot of Reno - Sparks landscapers go wrong, they quote the client too little to get the clients to hire them and then try to break the news of it turning out to be more than they expected 3 days into the job. I don’t think that that is a particularly good strategy. All Reno landscape businesses would be much better off being honest from the get go, that way their client calls them back when they need more work done. Fortunate for us, however; they don’t always do what's best for the client, so usually we or Signature Landscapes get their landscaping business. So while I think it’s a bad strategy, as far as we’re concerned it’s the best strategy they could implement.

More than anything else, landscaping Reno, NV is an art. It’s actually an incredibly complex field that people don’t even realize takes a lot of specialized knowledge and a keen eye for design. And that’s why I love it so much. It keeps one's artistic brain busy, while his critical one wanders. Then after he's finished with the design, his critical brain comes back in to help his artistic brain figure out how and what we’ll need to get the job done. One of the greatest joys in any landscaping job is when a client doesn’t know what he or she wants and requests that a landscaper come take a look at their land situation and offer some suggestions. An expert landscaper suddenly sees a bare landscape transforming in front of him. A tire swing emerges under the oak tree, a hammock off to the side. Then, with that kind of atmosphere, he can start thinking about the landscape. Perhaps a beautiful waterfall should sit in front of the hammock so that the peaceful swishing and whooshing of water falling could aid in a rest time. Perhaps, a beautifully trimmed bright luscious green yard covers all of it with lily pad style stones leading to the waterfall. And then, yes, yes… a neatly stacked brick way perhaps three-feet… No! Four-feet lining a beautiful lily garden with exotic flowers of every color. At around this time the client usually asks him if he's okay and the landscaper will tell client, "yes I am wonderful. I will write up a proposal for your backyard immediately. It has a lot of potential."

Though, see, the truth is, all land has potential. All landscapes can be transformed.

Hi I'm Greg. Landscaping and Hitch-Hiking Are My Two Greatest Passions

Hitch hiking after a day of landscaping Reno, NV
Me after a day of hitch-hiking lol

Okay, well not hitchhiking... but I do love landscaping Reno and Sparks because it gives me a chance to make Reno and Sparks beautiful again. Reno has been evolving so quickly over the years, so much open, natural land, turned to tall buildings and smoggy, trash-lined streets. Sparks too has been evolving. When a client asks for a free quote, it’s like I have an opportunity to reverse the urbanization of my home city, to make Reno and Sparks beautiful again, if just for a small space, if just for one house, or commercial property at a time. That is really why landscaping Reno NV, for me, is an art form.

I would also like to talk a little about where we do business at. We do go further than Reno and Sparks Nevada. Some of the other places we often connect clients to landscaping services are in Sun Valley, NV, Lemon Valley, NV, Panther Valley, NV, Stead, NV, and we have even been known to go to Tahoe, Ca on occasion. If you have any questions about where we can go, please feel free to contact us on the contact page.

Also, we typically connect clients with all types of landscaping jobs, most of which the average person has never even heard of. Bright Green Landscaping refers clients to businesses that do xeriscaping, earth removal, ground fillings, custom landscape design, landscape installation, hardscape custom design, hardscape installation, paving, patios, shade structures, retaining walls, rock beds, garden rock and gardens, garden rock walls, cool little water falls, and so much, so much more. We work with businesses that use bulldozers, lawnmowers, chainsaws, and all types of miscellaneous tools. Often, these landscaping businesses work with fertilizers and plants and mix gravel with rocks to make interesting designs.

If you have a strong eye for art and design, I don’t see why you couldn’t just do your own landscaping. It’s actually really not that hard. The main thing that you’d be paying a landscaper for is the labor and design, and if you were willing to do both of those, I’d say go for it. You’d still have to know what kind of supplies to buy though. That would be the hardest part. You might find yourself lost in a maze of tools and materials and not know what to grab off the shelf. For that situation, you I’d recommend just hiring a landscaper to outline the tasks and supplies needed for the job you’re looking to complete. Then get a bunch of buddies together and "getter done."

Before I get too far off topic though, I want to talk more about our business model. We connect clients to great Reno landscaping businesses that don't finish the job until the customer is completely satisfied. That’s not as easy as it sounds. Some people are just difficult work with. Nonetheless, our Reno landscaping businesses partners have a very strong will to satisfy even the most difficult client. In fact, they will go way above and beyond to ensure that their clients are happy. That is important to us. We want locals to know that when they need a good landscaping service, Bright Green Landscaping Reno, NV is here to serve. Did I mention that we connect you to these landscaping businesses completely free of charge? These businesses are always the ones who show up at your house when no other landscaper in town will do it with your budget.

Honestly, landscaping Reno shouldn’t be expensive. You are often just asking someone to make your yard look good, or remove snow from your walk way, not hiring a trained doctor in Neuroscience to come take a look at your brain! It is actually easy to learn. Landscaping doesn’t require schooling, (though one can get a degree in it.) It is also not the hardest job in the world, and the pricing of our landscaping business partners reflects that. All of partner landscapers do a great job and work at a reasonable price.

Though landscaping Reno doesn’t require much skill, it does require a lot of endurance and the ability to withstand hot temperatures and direct sunlight for long periods of time. This can be one of the hardest parts of the job: preventing sunburn while ensuring you do not get a heat stroke. We connect clients to businesses that do all types of Reno landscaping jobs in the summer. They blow leafs and rake them off of a yard regularly. They mow, cut, trim, and even replace grass with fake grass that looks even more beautiful than real grass - and you never even have to water it! These businesses build fences in yards to keep pets from escaping. They build ponds with brilliant colored fish swimming around happily, while the landscapers bite their nails hoping that the guy in charge did proper research into what fish can go with which fish. A landscaper friend of mine once told me that he was once at a job where they installed a gigantic pond on a client’s backyard and when the client got home and sat on the bench next to the pond to relax and enjoy the sound of swishing water and swimming fish, he saw his fish eating each other. That time, his lead failed to recognize that you couldn’t put that type of fish with the other type of fish he did. That was an incredibly scary return trip. The client that this happened to was an ex Reno Marine. You can bet ever since then the proper measures to avoid that are always taken!

In the winter time, we provide a lot of free quotes on removing snow and fallen trees and branches from lawns and roads. Reno Landscaping businesses actually own just as much winter removal machinery and tools like snow blowers, and snow plows, as they do summer tools and machinery. It gets crazy in the winter season in Reno, Nevada. You wouldn’t think that a landscaping business would be year around, but it is. In fact, we do almost 40 percent of our business during the winter months. Have you ever found a broken tree outside of your house or business after a nasty storm? Last year, I actually connected a client to a landscaping business that arrived at a job where they were called in to remove a gigantic swing set from a busy street. They were asked to put it back up in the yard. The winds dragged the swing set through the yard, into the fence, through the fence, and through the ditch before settling in on this busy street. We moved the swing set back into the yard, secured it will with cement blocks and cement screws, and then plowed the streets it landed on, and fixed the fence. The owner of that swing set was incredibly worried that the landscaping company was going to charge him much more than he could afford. It was expensive, but based on the amount of work we did, he got a great deal and he knew that. In fact, after that company was done, he tipped each one of their 8-man crew a hundred dollars each! Of course, they tried not to accept, but when he insisted everyone jammed their bills into their pocket without asking again. Just one of the perks of the landscaping business, I assume. One thing that is always true is landscaping in Reno, NV is it is always eventful. That’s for sure.

So get a free quote on landscaping Reno, NV and we will do our best to refer you to a the right landscaping business to get the job done right. Our landscaping partners provide services such as lawn and garden aeration, and water feature installation for any client within a 50 mile radius of Reno, Nevada. They will even travel beyond that radius to make you happy! Further, if ever you are curious about what we can do for you, have a quick question you would like us to answer, or wonder if we offer services in your area, please feel free to contact us on the contact page. In addition, we also refer clients to businesses that do a lot of unique jobs, jobs that other landscapers may have said they cannot do for you. Finally, if you have a question about whether we can connect you to a landscaping business that does a particular task that is quite landscaping, but isn’t easily classified as anything else either, please feel free to ask if we can assist you. Chances are we can. We know some very unique landscapers, odd ball landscape job takers. You’d be surprised at what our partner landscaping Reno businesses have expert experience in. Don’t be shy ask one of our expert Reno, NV, landscapers to give you a free quote on your next project today!


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